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Changing Weather Leads To Decline In Saffron Yield  In Kashmir
Famenin Dried Fruit & Nuts is a world-wide exporter of dates, pistachios, raisins,
dried figs and pomegranates.
Since our incorporation we have become the fastest growing exporter of dried fruit and nuts from the Middle East,
providing world class products to our clients. We pride ourselves on building dedicated, long term relationships
and our emphasis on quality, service and reliability is what sets us apart..
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  • Delivery Time & Insurance

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Natural Dried Fruits

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“According to FAO statistics, Iran is the number one producer of pistachios, saffron, and dates in recent years and Iranian dried fruits are exported to many countries.”


Our motto has always been to look for long-term achievements and our goals have been set in such a way to improve our operational quality as time goes by. It is important for us to set ever higher goals and achieve them by having the right plans.
Famenin offers its products in bulky and small packages. The small packages are considerably various while being beautiful.
Meanwhile, we are able to present our products in customers’ desirable and custom packages.
The customers’ orders can be shipped in one of the methods including sea, land and air. We deliver our goods to the customer by identifying and working with international shipping lines as well as considering the shortest delivery time.
Cargo insurance is recommended to cover the costs arising from potential risks in transportation of goods.
Our customer’s orders are insurable under the terms and risk coverage requested by them.
Famenin will make every effort to offer the best quality products in proper packing. To assure the customers, it is possible for their orders to be checked by inspection companies. Such inspection will be carried out in terms of quality and quantity as requested by the customer and then, the certificate of inspection will be issued by the inspection company.

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